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Key Broken In Lock

Decoding How Do You Get Out a Key Broken in Lock?

Have you ever been locked out because your key broken in lock? Rest assured, everyone has been there! You’re struggling with your keys when something terrible happens! You are stuck because the key broke off in the lock. You need to figure out what to do next and get the door unlocked. If things get worse, it breaks in half, leaving you with a tiny piece of metal and a lot of stress!

Do not worry!

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We’re about to talk about the best ways to get back on track quickly and escape these sticky situations!

A key inserted in a lock
A key inserted in a lock Source: Pixabay

How To Remove if the Key Broken in Lock Is Sticking Out

It’s annoying when you break a key in a lock because you might get locked out of your house. There are, thankfully, ways to get the broken key out and fix the problem. If your key breaks get in touch or try the following.

What to do when the key broken in lock is sticking out:

  1. Use Lubricants

One possible solution is to reduce friction in the lock. Apply appropriate lubricants for locks, such as graphite powder, and then pull out the key.

  1. Pull Out Key

The easiest way to remove a key sticking out from a lock is to use tweezers to extract it. Anything that can hold onto the key will do if you don’t have tweezers.

How To Remove if the Key Broken in Lock Is Not Sticking Out?

  1. Use Key Extractor Kit

A simple, low-cost solution to remove a key broken in lock is to use a key extractor kit if the key is not sticking out. Depending on the kind of lock and the broken key, these kits come with several hooks. Insert the tool very carefully and follow the instructions given in the kit. 

Once inserted, hook onto the broken key using your tool. Then, proceed to pull the broken key out gently. You can perform this process using a small jigsaw blade if you don’t have a key extractor kit. Use its serrations (the pointed parts of the blade) as hooks. You can now use it to pull out the broken key.

  1. Dismantle Lock

This broken keys method requires some DIY knowledge. First, unscrew the handle and then take off the lock cover. You should now be able to see a lock cylinder. Take it out by removing any additional screws required. You now have access to the broken key, which you can take out very easily.

A key broken in lock W Locksmith
A key broken in lock W Locksmith

Seeking Professional Help

Regardless of all possible measures, there are certain circumstances where these remedies may fail to work out. 

For example, you might need the necessary equipment. The job may also be a bit tricky. Here, you should contact a professional locksmith.

We at W Locksmith are a London-based locksmith company. We aim to offer quick and reliable locksmithing services. More than that, we have highly qualified technicians who can handle any issue and quickly fix your lock. 

The next time you get your keys stuck in a lock, contact W Locksmith. Our expert staff will be ready to serve you at all times.


Having a key broken in lock is a situation anyone can find themselves in at any time. It would be very convenient if you had the right tools to remove the key or take apart the lock. However, not everyone will be able to do that. 

In such cases, you can reach out to W Locksmith so we can help you out and solve your problem. We specialise in restoring your lock through our skilled locksmith service. Our service is quick and hassle-free. 

So, stop worrying about that broken key in a lock and reach out to us for a seamless experience! Need a locksmith for door opening, house lock replacement, or simply to assess your security status? Our 24-hour emergency locksmiths are just a phone call away. Use our W Locksmith emergency line right now: 07830787474

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