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Locked out from house

Are you locked out from house with no spare key?

We always have a fast solution with our locked-out-from-house emergency locksmith. Our professional locksmith services are available day and night. Request a fast emergency locksmith at your place and have your door unlocked in minutes! With our professional lockout services, you can be sure you will gain access to your house quickly.

W Locksmith offers fast emergency services 24/7 for your locked door locks

Reach out now and we will help you gain entry. There’s no front door lock we can’t open, one way or another. Bad things happen but W Locksmith is here to help you with the best option when it comes to unlocking your locked door locks. Unlock the door lock now by calling W Locksmith for 24/7 locked out-of-house services at a fair price.


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    Exceptional locksmith services. Needed to gain entry as I had no house keys. W Locksmith is your best bet in Notting Hill!

    Flat Lockout - Notting Hill, London
    Justin S.
  • W LOCKSMITH London icon

    Would recommend them. Had the roller rim locks installed after had a bad experience with a broken key. Good price. Would use them anytime.

    Lock Replacement And Fitting - Kensington, London
    Amanda W.
  • W LOCKSMITH London icon

    Got locked out after I lost my key in Notting Hill. Was trying to gain access by using bobby pins and a hard plastic card after reading on the internet. It didn’t work so I called a locksmith from W Locksmith. They had all the appropriate tools to open the door and let me in.

    Lockout New House - Notting Hill, London
    Julia L.
  • W LOCKSMITH London icon

    After a break in they came early morning to help. with a latch. They have all locks and work 24 hours. Great company!

    Emergency Locksmith Service - Paddington, London
    Johnny A.
  • W LOCKSMITH London icon

    Lost keys to my apartment and had the kids with me. The locksmith came in 10 minutes to save us from the cold! Impressed with the speed of the service, it comes faster than the fire brigade.

    Apartment Lockout
    Leonie A.

4 Steps To Take To Have Your Door Unlocked With W Locksmith

  1. Get in touch with W Locksmith by calling us right away – we are available 24/7. Speak to our emergency team and let us know what are the locksmith emergency services you need now.

  2. In about 20 minutes after your call, our fully equipped professional locksmith will come to your location.

  3. Our locksmith will assess the situation, explain to you why your lock has issues and discuss with you the best option to solve the problem. After deciding together what are the next steps, he will start working there and then.

  4. After all the necessary works are done, he will test with you the repaired or the new door lock and will take the payment on the go. Don’t hesitate to get in touch when you get locked out.

Gain Entry With W Locksmith

When Locked Out From House

If you are locked out of house, don’t get panicked and call W Locksmith right away. We understand that there’s nothing worse than coming home after a long day of work to realize you are trapped outside your house. If you are wondering what can be done, we are here to offer solutions.

But first, please stay calm. If you can track any spare key, try and recoup it first. Maybe a neighbour or a family member has one and can let you in. But if you are stuck in front of your front door with no solution, you might have to call a locksmith to help unlock the door. Reach out and let us help you fast!

Check Other Doors Or Windows

Sometimes, when in a rush, you can forget to lock all the doors and this can be to your advantage if you are locked outside your front door. So, it could be a great idea to try and check the back door or garage door first, if that’s the case and there’s a possibility to get inside that route. Also, a window left open can be a way in at some point. Look for unlocked windows or doors and check first-floor windows. It’s important to think about all the possibilities before checking with your family member, the landlord or the agency for a spare key.

Solutions For Broken Key Inside The Lock, Lost Keys Or Lock Malfunction

Rest assured, we can help you with the most common problems such as lost keys, malfunction of the door lock, broken key inside the lock and so on. In any of these situations, if you have a standard spring bolt we will do our best to help you with non-destructive methods whenever that’s possible. Otherwise, a drilling method should be involved when opening locked door locks. No worries, we will not destroy your door at all and we have the necessary replacements for all types of locks. So, even if we have to use the power tools, you will have a fully functional lock on your door after the forced opening. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

Locked Out with Key Snapped in Lock

Are you locked outside because of a key snapped in the lock? Try an look for an open window to get in – otherwise, there are not too many options left. In this situation, spare keys can’t help too much and you need an expert to assist you.

A locksmith can come to your address and open the door lock by pulling out the key whenever that’s possible. Depending on how broken are the keys, he will try to pull out the broken part without damaging the lock body. Each lock and each key is different, so a promise before seeing the locked door makes no sense. Of course, the locksmith will be able to let you in, one way or another. If the lock is hurt by the broken key, you might have to open the lock with the power tools and replace the lock. Let us know if you need help and our locksmith will come over and help.

Door Locks a Locksmith Can Unlock and Open

Don’t worry, there’s always a way to open all types of door locks. Our technicians have the necessary training and tools to support you in any type of house or business lockout. More than that, all our locksmiths will know how to handle basic or more secured locks – even when you lost your keys. So, yes, we can help you open a door lock without a key.

We can help with a wide range of locks when locked out from house

When we are talking about types, there’s a wide range of door locks available. Therefore, opening and unlocking requires a different approach. Our experts are ready to offer solutions for most door locks you can see in the West London area. Because each door lock has unique features and difficulties, it’s important to call experienced locksmiths who know what they do. Rest assured, we can successfully handle a wide array of door locks – not just the basic ones. We know locking mechanisms with accuracy.

Hire W Locksmith for any type of door lock opening – from conventional pin-tumbler locks to modern high-security locks. Our locksmiths can unlock and open doors without causing damage if a simple door opening is possible. But they can also open deadbolts, cylinder locks, or high-security mortise locks. Reach out and we will give you more details about the process and the cost for your particular lock.

Fully equipped and experienced locked-out expert

When having a lockout issue, make sure you are using a professional locksmith for your job. For example, our skilled locksmith uses the best equipment and knows how to approach each situation to maximise property security. Day and night, he will come over with the best tools and locks, ready to open your door lock and replace them with the same model – or a more advanced one. At the same time, when opening locked door locks, he will make sure he is causing the least amount of damage possible. He can help you with door and window locks.

Our locksmiths have experience opening most types of locks in West London and can get your job done in the minimum time. Also, after opening your door securely, they will offer a variety of locks to help you upgrade your security level to British Standards.

How long does it take a locksmith to open a door?

The level of security of a place will dictate the time spent on site. Of course, if we are talking about the most basic lock with no security features, it would take just a few seconds – and you should be worried if your lock can be opened that quickly because it means your property has no security level. If we can open it as fast as a few seconds, unauthorised people might be able to open it as well! No worries, our locksmiths have several locks with them and they can guide you if you wish to upgrade the security.

The unlocking time depends on your door lock and each situation

Anyway, the time it takes for a locksmith to unlock doors varies a lot. Depending on the type of locking hardware you have, it can be from seconds to a few hours – if it’s a drilling-intensive stubborn lock. When the locksmith gets there he can give you an estimate of the average time spent to open your type of lock in the past.

For example, a cylinder will unlock faster than a high-security lock that requires power tools during the opening process. Also, bear in mind, that most doors in London are Victorian doors with two locks – if both are locked you will have to unlock both. For each type of lock, there’s a different approach and a locksmith will present you the options as soon as he analyzes the situation on the spot.

Avoid getting locked out of house

There are several ways you can prevent an unexpected locked out of house. While being on site, our emergency locksmith will help you with some tips but there are a few steps you can take to prevent it. For example, you can use door restrictors to stop the door from unexpectedly closing behind you. Also, you can try to give a key to your neighbour or friend you trust – this way you will have a backup in case you lose your apartment or house key. Secure yourself and let us help you with suggestions. Give us a call now and let us see what we can do for you to avoid getting locked out of house.

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