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Looking for locksmiths near me to help with your house lock replacement? Our Emergency Locksmiths are always available to assist as needed with any door lock replacement. As a result, if you have an emergency and need a door lock replaced, we can help anytime. Call for a door lock replacement for external doors and internal doors.

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Fast house lock replacement for external doors and internal doors

Whether your keys have been stolen, or you are facing a house lockout in London, please get in touch with us straight away and we’ll help you sort it out. Also, whenever you need a door lock replacement, we are ready to come over with a wide range of door locks available.

We have all front door locks available such as Yale locks, multi-point locking systems, euro profile cylinder locks, any lock cylinder rim locks, secure locks, and so on. Moreover, we can also help with your mortice lock, sash lock, euro-cylinder lock, multi-point locking system, or uPVC door lock mechanism replacement lock.

At your request, we’ll be able to provide all types of locks, including window locks. Also, your door lock cost will be discussed after a short inspection of your door.

House lock replacement for the front and back doors

Replacing door locks whenever needed is always an emergency for us, therefore we’ll be there 30 minutes after you call. Get a professional to help you with a door lock replacement on the spot. We can help with any door lock for wooden doors or uPVC doors, such as

We provide locksmith services in Notting Hill and the surrounding West London neighbourhoods 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your London locksmith can either repair or replace your broken lock. Get the best locksmiths at your door in minutes. Call immediately for emergency locksmith assistance.

Various Locks for wooden front door

Have you lost keys and have no access to your existing lock? Changing locks whenever you need to replace the door lock should be a priority.

Ask for our professional locksmith to help with the lock change and he will know how to handle any damaged locks. When you ask for the replacement lock, he will supply and fit the lock type you need on the spot.

The brand-new lock replacement will have a professional installation and will be in concordance with the current locks. Also, he will recommend you any additional security upgrades, if that’s the case. Secure your front and back doors with all the necessary new locks and

How do I replace door locks?

When you move into a new home, changing your door locks will help you to keep your property secure. Of course, all other property repairs will not matter if your door lock is not fully working and replaced after the previous tenants or landlords. With us, you can find fast replacement locks for your door or window product range. Also, we will be able to fit all types of door locks on your property.

More than that, there are a variety of handles and knobs available, perfect for adding new doors for a quick update. If the door has seen better days, maybe it’s time to change the lock. With us, you will find the replacement that fits your house, in either interior or exterior doors. Find out more about changing the locks for interior or exterior doors by calling our emergency locksmith team. We will be able to provide all locks that are commonly used on the spot.

DBS checked locksmiths

Are you in doubt when it comes to locksmiths and contractors with no verification? Our staff is professional and well trained. More than that, our locksmith technicians are background-checked, so you can be confident in our service when calling W Locksmith London.

Guarantee on parts

We offer a warranty on every job and on parts (normally it will be specified on the invoice because it depends on each part). Also, we will always offer excellent labor quality with our technicians. Get in touch and request our experienced locksmiths now.

Your locksmith in Paddington

W Locksmith is your number one choice when looking for the best Paddington Locksmith 24-hour. Of course, we can offer help with all types of door locks in a variety of areas. No matter what door you have (uPVC door or wooden door) our locksmith in Paddington London will offer fast services and advice for a wide range of locks.

With our company, you will have access to expert staff that will advise you on how to keep your property safe. Do you know that almost all lockouts can be prevented if you pay attention to details? Prevention is the key to avoiding an easy burglary, for example. All locking systems should be tested and replaced by a security expert when moving in (ideally). No worries, if you have skipped this step initially but just realized that your lock is not working as it used to, we can help with advice and service anyway.

A broken lock on your home or commercial property

If your door lock, multi-point locking system, or cylinder lock is not working as usual, maybe it’s time to find a locksmithing solution. Of course, it’s quite common to have problems with locks at some point. Maybe you will need a replacement. Most of the time, a front door lock must be replaced first. We will make it a priority and will make sure your door is working as it should be.

Like everything in life, all objects that have mechanical parts are prone to breakdown. Moreover, often the pieces wear after grease is absorbed into locking systems. Locks are not replaced when oil runs out.

We are experts in locking systems and we can replace your new lock whenever you need. Usually, locks are defective within a year and indicate another problem is possible. The biggest issue was the doors weren’t aligned which placed excessive stress on the lock.

Meet your home insurance requirements

If you are a homeowner and need home security insurance, we can help you with the appropriate locks and help. Just so you know, when completing the details of your insurance, the agent may ask you some questions about the locks installed on the property. Most of the time, the price of the premium would be a better one if the lock is a high-security one.

For example, if your door is a wood door, the lock recommended would be a British Standard mortice lock with Kite marks dating from 2007. Therefore, sometimes they will ask you to change the locks in order to comply with the insurance policy.

No worries, our locksmith jobs are based on replacing all types of locks in homes or business premises. When a homeowner wants to meet the standard home insurance requests, they can provide a good security level for themselves. For example, for properties with uPVC doors, cylinders are the most secure. We can also offer a multi-point locking system, all types of cylinder locks or night latches, or any type of new lock. Just call and ask us more about your potential lock change.

House keys lost or stolen

Sometimes, you will require new keys because you lost your house keys or your lock is simply faulty. If your house key is missing, lost, or stolen, it is essential that the lock on the front door is replaced as soon as possible. Most people carry their keys with them the entire day, together with other personal belongings, and in case the keys are lost, it’s hard to find a way to get inside. Also, the locks are useless without keying.

In case you are facing such a situation, please contact us as soon as possible and request the lock to be opened and changed by our professional locksmith.

With us, you can hire a local locksmith who can unlock your lock and replace it with a new one. Please be mindful that the safety of your assets always has to be at the top of the priority list.

You moved into a new house or apartment

When moving to an unfamiliar place, you must think of your safety first. Having your locks changed by a professional will give you the peace of mind you need.

So, there is nothing certain when it comes to the keys to a rented house. The solution is easy: when moving in, simply remove the lock. Of course, a lock change will allow you to change your lock and control who can see and use your property while you are away. We are a lock company operating in your area and we will always be available to help you change your door locks and enhance your security. So, get in touch and let us know what is your issue with your door locks.

Upgrade to keyed alike locks

Of course, if you need an emergency lock replacement you should contact your local locksmith. But how can you make the locking process easier? Well, you can think about keyed alike locks. For example, if your locks are identical, this means it will allow the same key to work in the door for more than one lock. This allows you to significantly reduce key weight when you have two doors at once.

Nonetheless, the disadvantage exists – in case you lost the key you’ll have to change both locks. So, all the locks have to stay the same.

Outdated locks replacement

Sometimes, a lock replacement is due just because the door locks are too old. So, if the lock for some homes and buildings appears old and tired, and has been repeatedly painted over, a lock change is recommended.

Also, sometimes you can only see locks and think about them and think about the need for a new set of locking mechanisms. Old night latches are typically smaller than normal and easy to be bypassed.

How long does it take to replace a door lock?

Replacing door locks should be a pretty straightforward process. If you don’t fix a lock issue early, then it can cause problems in the future and you may need to change the lock. Of course, a badly installed old lock can cause unwanted problems such as the lockout of the house. Therefore, a well-instructed locksmith should be able to install an entire lock fast and offer advice about any new lock.

The time period depends upon the number of door lock replacements. But changing the lock isn’t as time-consuming as you thought! When a tradesman arrives to change locks in a residential building it is important to know the duration of the work. Alternatively, it can be incredibly helpful to give extra time if something unexpected happens. Doors are usually opened in different time frames for different purposes. Likewise, if there are no keys available in existing locks it should take a bit longer.

Avoid DIY replacement of door locks

As you might know, there’s no recommendation to DIY replace a lock yourself if you have no knowledge of the domain. Your family’s safety is your responsibility and should always be secured by a reliable locksmith in your area.

When a professional locksmith comes, you can rest assured of your security. Also, if you want a discount from insurance for your door locks, make sure you use the right one, according to your insurance policy. A locksmith will always know what type of locks you might need and he will be able to install them professionally, so you will pass the requirements. When locks are not specified by insurers, these will be invalid and it may result in loss or damages.

Popular House Lock Replacement We Can Help With 24 Hours

Mortice Sash Lock Replacement and Fitting

Mortice sash lock is a pretty requested lock when it comes to securing wooden doors. A mortice look is generally installed on a wooden door inside a home.

Typically, the sash locks are opened using keys and handles.

The more levers the mortice sash lock has the more secure it is to the user.

BS3621 Mortice Deadlock Replacement and Fitting

Mortice Deadlocks are typically attached to a wood door and are only accessed by the keys. This lock has internal and exterior locking and, unlike the sash lock, does not have any handles. Therefore, deadlocks can operate using the key. Usually, deadlocks do NOT have handles. Also, the more levers the mortice deadlock has the safer it gets to lock.

house lock replacement

How much does it cost to change locks?

When calling locksmiths you might be wondering what is the cost of replacing the lock. We understand safety is a key issue at all times, and at home. In addition, it is crucial for determining safe and efficient doors. Changing your door lock can help increase your house’s value.

It is hard to know what is good for you and how much it costs to repair your door lock upfront. To determine the exact costs and the locksmith prices, an expert needs to be there and analyze your door. Anyone that is promising a very low price at the beginning will most likely not be able to maintain the cost. So, we do not like to promise a certain price before seeing the exact door lock with issues. Buying door locks should not be expensive but it’s important to understand that the cost of replacing the door lock depends on more factors than the simple price of the hardware. The supply costs are not everything when you are calling a 24-hour locksmith company.

Of course, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we are offering a high-quality emergency service at your location together with the lock. Get in touch and we will change your old lock fast, at the best price possible. More than that, when changing two locks with us you will get a better deal on the labor costs.

House lock replacement: All types of Lock Replacement, Change & Fitting

With us, a lock replacement, lock change, or lock fitting is possible in a matter of minutes. Why wait for a service when you can have an emergency locksmith at your doorstep in about 30 minutes? Our locksmiths can install all types of replacement locks on any front door. They can install all types of locks, from smart locks to night latches or uPVC door locks. So, no matter if you need a new mortice lock, euro-cylinder lock, or night latch, we will be there with the best lock replacement.

Of course, you may also want to upgrade your locks for insurance compliance or simply to have a replacement of the locks because they are damaged. Also, when you’re moving into a brand new house, you should change the door lock immediately.

Preparing to fit and replace a door lock

Whenever you feel like you need to change the lock, ask a professional’s opinion and you’ll have the best advice for your home security. Choosing the correct new locks is mandatory and a BS3621 or Kitemarked product would be, most likely, a great choice.

Typically, if you’re interested in doing home insurance, any company will require at least this.

How can I tell if my locks are British Standard?

First, check if your locks meet British standards by looking at the kitemark symbol on the front plate – that part is hidden by the locking mechanism. Sometimes it’s impossible to read the sign but an expert locksmith would be able to say if your locking set is British Standard.

If you have a lock that has the British Kite logo stamped on the faceplate, for sure it’s British Standard. Also, check where the bolt comes from and you might see the sight. Normally, all wooden door hardware must have the BS3622-rated locking mechanism.

We lost the key. Can you change the lock?

Of course, in case you’ve lost the key and the lock need to be destroyed in order to be open, you will most likely have to change the lock. Our locksmiths can open the door and can also change or upgrade your locks, if necessary.

More than that, they will be able to provide a few extra keys with the lock set. Our services are meant to help you make your day more relaxing after such a stressful situation. Those who need more details may contact our support team.

Benefits of a New Door Lock

There are several reasons why I want to change my locks and it is a big priority for everyone who wants safety in their house. Most professional locksmiths recommend changing the lock from time to time for good lock function and improved safety.


Regardless of how many keys a property owner has, you never know when they were taken over. Therefore, if you want to make sure you know who has access to your property, you may have to purchase a new front door lock whenever you feel it’s the case.

Easy use

With ever-evolving markets, new products and models of lock systems have been created continuously. Why keep a hard functioning lock on your door when you can upgrade your door lock anytime? Don’t wait to be locked outside as the door opening may involve extra costs. Call a locksmith as soon as you need a new lock easy to use.

Choosing the Right Door Lock

It is important to find the right type for you to lock your home and to ensure the protection your family needs. Also, it’s important to always talk to a good locksmith about what locks are best for your home or office. A knowledgeable locksmith will always offer advice, details, and alternatives.

The costs vary according to what type of door your home has. These locks can be installed on exterior doors, garage doors, and patio doors UPVC doors. Below are some popular doors locks:

Multipoint locking system

The Multipoint lock is the most common locking system, widely applied on composite or un-insulated doors; this system adds additional security measures.

A multi-locking door is essentially made of a variety of locking systems that are mounted in a straight line. Therefore, these locks are really difficult to demolish even by the best locksmiths. Generally, door replacements for multipoint locks should be handled by professionals.

UPVC door locks include front and back windows, patio doors, and french doors. The locking units themselves are installed inside the body and locked in the frame of the door. This type of security lock can be controlled by a key allowing high-quality security by having a range from 3-4 locks on just one cylinder. However, these vary according to the brand and number of locks the system provides.

Rim Automatic Deadlatch (also known as Yale Lock)

Automatic deadlock on wheels is the extension on the locks rather than just an extension on the lock. It cannot be unlocked from within the home and is usually located on its highest level adding additional safety along with common mortice locks or Euro sleeve locking mechanisms. Typical wheels auto deadlatch are easy to replace.

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

The 5-lever deadlock in the door frame is a pretty common house lock replacement request. You can replace this type of locking system with completely new locks or cylinders.

Mortice deadlocks have 5-lever locking systems that have more stability in comparison to three-lever versions. Also, mortice locks on wooden doors usually have deadlocks along exterior doors as previously described.

A deadlock of 5-levers can offer better home security. When installed, a mortice lock is mounted to the door body to secure it instead of sitting on a surface. Mortice locks are a standard security tool on commercial and glass doors. Whenever you are in need of commercial door locks, get in touch and we’ll help fast.

Euro Cylinder Lock

The Euro profile cylinder lock is typically used with multiple points and makes an ideal replacement for UPVC doors. So, the euro profile cylinder lock is generally installed outside the front door, rear door, or interior door. However, the cylinder lock is also used for doors in offices, where internal security is more important.

Normally, these are simple locks located at the front of the door, this enables the user to enter the door.

Knob Lock

Another common door lock used to secure properties is the knob lock. The door knob locks provide ample safety for home use.

There are keys necessary to open the door from either side of the door. However, this lock should not be used externally. Because it doesn’t have a high level of security, the house would be really exposed. Therefore, it’s possible to remove a locked door from its hinges really easily, so the thieves can gain access to your property without any trouble.

In general, knob locking is an affordable and reliable indoor security solution.

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